Gyro Geo Aerial Survey, LLC Services

Aerial survey

Whether counting miles of power lines, locating wildlife and livestock, or figuring the lay of the land for governmental, commercial, or residential projects, Gyro Geo provides a ready way to

  1. collect wide-ranging data,
  2. analyze prominent geographical features, and
  3. develop viable site plans.

A simple aerial survey can be accomplished in a few hours or less — usually ample time to determine basic topographical boundaries, such as those of wetlands (bogs, salt marshes, mudflats), open freshwater (lakes, rivers, ponds, brooks), barrens, groves, promontories, and other elevated terrain. These initial views from above are also helpful for addressing land-use regulatory concerns.

On the other hand, large-scale, land-development aerial survey projects, or those of a recurrent nature (regularly-scheduled fire patrol circuits, for example, or wildlife counting), will typically involve lengthy and numerous flights. Again, be assured our rates for these major contracts — like the simple ones — are always affordable.

Besides, we love to fly, and we really like the vantage point aloft. We hope you’ll feel the same way!

Aerial photography

Beginning with the earliest cameras using kites and hot air balloons as platforms, humans have been awed by aerial photography, where the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” becomes truer than ever.

An aerial photograph provides perspective and texture unlike that of — and frequently superior to — a photograph shot on land. Take for instance a real estate advertisement for a building lot of nominal acreage: shot aerially, the photo for that ad will convey visual information more effectively than a photo shot at ground level.

We accomplish this at Gyro Geo with state-of-the-art digital SLR cameras shooting a target at angles from all possible points of the compass. This process generates an excellent collection of images, which we then transfer to a CD (compact disc) for the client’s use. Video footage is certainly also an option.

Prior to a mission, we communicate with the client to obtain information to facilitate the shoot. We thoroughly discuss physical location (including GPS coordinates if available), preferred angles of view, and optimal time of day.

Our commitment to quality is foremost, and we hope you’ll consider us when planning your next aerial photography project.

Ash scattering aerially

Part 91 General Operating and Flight Rules of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) allows for the “dropping [by a pilot] of any object [from any aircraft] if reasonable precautions are taken to avoid injury or damage to persons or property.”

Thus, the aerial scattering of the ashes of a loved one may be accomplished virtually anywhere. Often that place may be above where he or she spent enjoyable, memorable, or otherwise fulfilling times hiking, skiing, canoeing, snowshoeing, kayaking, fishing, hunting, or engaged in another meaningful pursuit.

As an individualized, custom service involving a specially designed system to release the cremated remains (also known as cremains) over a location designated by the deceased’s agent, this service also includes an aerial photograph of the location at the time of the scattering of the ashes.